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Our sales rep Steven was great. He answered all of our questions, was attentive and, responded quickly!
Theresa Racho - 02/03/2018
Oscar was very helpful and provided me with all the assistance I needed quickly. djofre
Kyle was very quick with my quote response and any other questions I had. I appreciate the quick service! Thank you.
The service writer was very helpful and prompt.
STEVE TANNER - 08/03/2018
Tim rated us "Excellent" in the areas of prompt service, pricing, and helpfulness of his salesperson!
Tim Carteaux - 31/10/2018
Great response time ! Thank you Stacy
DON THOMAS - 17/04/2018
Carl gave Radwell an "Excellent" rating in 3 out of 3 areas!
Carl Johnson - 02/05/2018
Quick response and quote receipt for order by calling Customer Service.
Pete Walsh - 07/06/2018
Just a nice experience all around.
Jeff Malosiecki - 29/11/2018
I want to let you know that Christopher W went out of his way to make sure a shipment that had to be in Anchorage on Saturday happened even though it was after hours in New Jersey. Due to his exceptional customer service I will make sure that I come back. Thank you !
DANNY CLARK - 06/07/2018
Excellent response time!
AMANDA ANDRADE - 16/04/2018
Everything was excellent!
Manuel Rocha García - 29/01/2018
I've had great service so far. Keep up the good work.
Website Guest Checkout - 07/03/2018
Everyone I talked with were very polite and knowledgeable. They handled my needs quickly and professionally. I will definitely recommend them to others in the future.
Josh Perkins - 27/04/2018
Great help on what has been a hard to get item at a great price.
ROGER ANDERSON - 05/06/2018
Great bunch of professionals to work with! Thank You Frank
FRANK CLEMENTS - 03/01/2019
You serve an important service to companies like ours that support our legacy designs, while we attempt to move our customers into the future. Thanks!
Daniel was great and very helpful in finding the part I needed to order.
Sean Bailey - 11/07/2018
me gusto el tiempo de respuesta de mi solicitud!- I am pleased with the response time!
Luis A Jimenez Moguel - 30/08/2018
Keep up the good Work!
PALMER SKAALAND - 29/03/2018
Good fast service!
Matt Cranney and Ryan Batdorf are very helpful and very nice and very polite. Cannot say that about every company we do business with these days. Scale of 1 – 10 you would receive a 15….
ANONYMOUS - 17/10/2017
Good products with great service!
Hands down the BEST Customer Service that I have experienced in many years! Thank You!!
c. Riel - 01/03/2018
Good people!
CHRIS SWANN - 30/04/2018
Thank you for the excellent help I received from Ryan and the fast service with good pricing.
DON COLLINS - 25/05/2018
Glad I found you!
WAYNE GOUGH - 12/03/2018
Thank you to my salesperson Eric!
Albert Birks - 13/07/2018
Extremely professional staff. Adam was very helpful. Items were shipped quickly and were packaged well
ANONYMOUS - 30/05/2018
Kellen is my normal contact, and he is great! Extremely prompt, which means a lot to us. Also very good at problem solving when we have an issue finding correct part. I commend him highly for excellent performance & customer service.
SUSAN PEGRAM - 15/03/2018
Eduardo rated us excellent in all three areas - Pricing, Salesperson, and Promptness
Eduardo Alvarado - 05/06/2018
Original shipment was damaged. Natalia ( customer service coordinator ) deserves recognition for her pleasant manner, professionalism, and her timeliness in solving this issue. She is a great face for your company.
NICK OSWALD - 17/05/2018
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