American Cylinder offers a variety of pneumatic cylinder products to satisfy your small bore air cylinder requirements. Choose from the Industrial Interchange Stainless Steel Series air cylinders, the Heavy Duty Aluminum 76 Series, the Magnetic Field MFC Series, the Low Profile LPC Series, the Corrosion Resistant CR Series, Tie Rod Cylinders, or Linear Slides.

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3-Position Series

3-Pisition pneumatic cylinder series ranges in bore sizes from 9/16 inches to 2 inches, and is configured with total and initial strokes in mind.

Aluminum 76 Series

The Aluminum 76 series of pneumatic cylinders is made with a hard coated aluminum body which gives it great wear resistance.

Corrosion Resistant Series

Corrosion Resistant pneumatic cylinders offer benefits such as longer life tolerances in a 304 stainless steel body.

Low Profile Series

The Low Profile series of pneumatic cylinders is designed with a custom aluminum extrusion and provide low friction.

LSC Series

The LSC line of pneumatic slides can be configured in short or long series and hosts a series of standard cylinder options.

Mini-Pak Series

Mini-Pak Air Cylinders are beneficial for space saving applications and offer a wide range of stroke lengths as well as mounts that cater to several different field situations.

MSP Series

The MSP series is similar to the Mini-Pak series, but the MSP line is built as a 2, 3, or 4 stage cylinder which offers a much higher output force than a single position cylinder can offer.

NFPA Interchange TR Series

TR Series pneumatic cylinders are built to be interchangeable with NFPA mounting styles, and offers bore sizes ranging from 1-1/2 to 8 inches.

Stainless Steel Series

The Stainless Steel series of pneumatic cylinders offers a wide range of bore sizes and stroke lengths as well as a large selection of action configurations.

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