Live Expert Technical Assistance

*Radwell Remote is currently offered as an English-speaking service only.

With you and your Teams’ safety at the forefront of every day, having a visiting Technician on site isn’t always an option. This is why we created Radwell Remote. Radwell Remote allows our technical team to virtually aid in troubleshooting your equipment and allowing you to get your facility fully operational.

Whether you have already identified the problem and need some extra expert technical help or need total installation support, Radwell Remote’s service can be customized to your needs.


Consulting with a remote expert via a live stream enables your technical team to receive support while troubleshooting equipment to ensure your facility is fully operational when time is critical.

  • Access to our highly experienced technicians
  • Total remote live streaming support
  • Customizable support offerings for your needs
  • Extended warranty options available

How does it work

To set up a video call with one of our repair technicians, call us at 1.800.884.5500; a Radwell representative will gather some helpful details before transferring you to our engineering department.

Your technical team and our engineering department will talk about the project, initial cost, and establish which platform your team feels more comfortable using for a video call – Microsoft Teams, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and more.

What you will need for the video call

  • Portable/ mobile device with a camera and mic
  • Headphone or earbuds
  • Wireless connection
  • Unobstructed access
  • Flashlight
  • Meter

Want to learn more or schedule a Virtual Tech

One of our sales team members will contact you soon.