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ASCO NUMATICS Asco Mark 8 Regulators
Part Number Selected: 
Regulator Type
Pressure Range
Regulator Mounting
Wiring Option
Regulator Port Type
Regulator Options
Regulator Voltage
081 1/8" Ports
082 1/4" Ports
RC Dual Pressure w/non-relieving checks
RD Dual Pressure
RE External Jumper Plate
RQ Dual pressure w/relieving checks
RS Single Pressure
RT 2 Pressure Selector
1 10-130 PSIG (0.7-9 Bar)
3 3-30 PSIG (0.2-2 Bar)
4 5-60 PSIG (0.3-4.1 Bar)
15 Manifold Block Mount
16 Auxiliary Inlet
18 Alternate outlet, Auxiliary inlet
1B Alternate Outlet
25 Manifold Block Mount, Speed Control
31 Plug-In Base
32 Plug-In Base, Bottom Ports
35 Plug-In Base, Speed Control
36 Plug-In Base, Bottom Ports, Speed Control
3A Individual Base
3B Individual Base, Bottom Ports
3C Individual Base, Speed Control
3D Individual Base, Bottom Ports, Speed Control
J Plug-In Receptacle
O Non Plug-In wiring
U Long Receptacle
G Pressure Ports
12H Regulator Less Gauge
13A 4 Foot Leads
15W 5-Pin Straight Mini Connector
16N Jumper
16P Jumper
16W Fittings
16Y Regulator Less Gauge and Fittings
17A Plugged Regulator Gauge Port
19M Terminal Block in Mounting
27J 12H + 16H Options
27K 12H + 16P Options
27M 16P + 16W Options
27P 16N + 16W Options
27Q 12H + 16W Options
45E 16N + 16Y Options
46F 16W + 19M Options
47J 5-Pin Straight Mini Connector
48D 16P + 19M Options
48G 16N + 19M Options
54A 16P + 16Y Optinos
56Y 4 Pin Straight Micro Connector
58Z 12H + 19M Options
67P 16Y + 19M Options
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