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ASCO NUMATICS Mark 55 Valves
Part Number Selected: 
Port Size
Valve Type
Port Type
553 3/8" Ports
554 1/2" Ports
555 3/4" Ports
BA Single Solenoid Pilot, Spring Return
BB Double Solenoid Pilot
JA Single Air Pilot, Spring Return
JJ Double Air Pilot
JK Double Air Pilot, Spring Return
PA Single Air Pilot, Spring Return
PP Double Air Pilot
SA Single Direct Solenoid, Spring Return
SS Double Direct Solenoid
4 2 Position, 4-Way
5 3 Position, 4-Way Open Center
6 3 Position, 4-Way Closed Center
7 3 Position 4-Way (5/3)
00 Valve Only
01 Valve Only w/Speed Control
15 Manifold Block w/Side and Bottom Cylinder Ports
25 15 w/Speed Control
2A 15 w/Compact Manifold Block
2B 2A w/Speed Control
2C 2A w/Auxiliary Inlet
2E 2A w/Alternate Outlet
2G 2A w/Alternate Outlet & Auxiliary Inlet
31 Plug-In Base, Side Ports, Common Exhaust
32 Individual Base, Side and Bottom Ports, Common Exhaust
35 31 w/Speed Control
36 32 w/Speed Control
3A Individual Base, Side Ports, Individual Exhaust
3B Individual Base, Side and Bottom Ports, Individual Exhaust
3C 3A w/Speed Control
3D 3B w/Speed Control
6 DIN Plug-in AC w/Light
J Plug-in AC w/Light
K Plug-in AC w/Light
M Plug-in DC w/Light
Q Plug-in DC w/Light
G G Tap
U G Tap
11B Flush Locking Override
11M No Override
11Z Extended Locking Override
13A 48" Leads
14B Internal Pilot Supply from P
14C Internal Pilot Supply from EB
14D Internal Pilot Supply from EA
14X External Pilot Supply Through Manifold
16T Bottom P Ports
17N solenoid w/ diode
19M Terminal Block in Conduit Area
46T Zinc Plated T Armature
00 Air Pilot
20 24 V AC, 50/60 HZ
30 110-120 V AC, 50/60 HZ
40 220-240 V AC, 50/60 HZ
58 Special Order Voltage
61 24 V DC
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