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ASCO NUMATICS 2004 Series Pneumatic Regulators
Part Number Selected: 
Valve Series & Port Size
Regulator Type
Pressure Range
Wiring Option
Port Type
041 1/8" Port Size
042 1/4" Port Size
04D 4 MM Port Size
04F 6 MM Port Size
RD Dual Pressure to Ports EB (3) & EA (5)
RS Single Pressure to Port P (1)
3 3-30 PSIG
7 0-100 PSIG
00 Regulator Unit Only
Z1 Side and Bottom Ports, Single Solenoid Z-Board
Z2 Side and Bottom Ports, Double Solenoid Z-Board
Z3 Side Ports only, Single Solenoid Z-Board
Z4 Side Ports only, Double Solenoid Z-Board
Z5 Z1 with Speed Control
Z6 Z2 with Speed Control
Z7 Z3 with Speed Control
Z8 Z4 with Speed Control
J Plug-in Receptacle Assembly
G G-Tap
L Push-in Fitting
14X External Pilot
16N Jumper on 14 End
16P Jumper on 12 End
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