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Part Number Selected: 
Series Identifier
Port Size
"A" and "B" Actuator
Wiring Option
Port Type
02 Spool/Sleeve w/ Body to Base Plug
R2 Rubber Packed Spool w/ Body to Base Plug
0 Valve Unit Only
1 1/8 Inch Ports
2 1/4 Inch Ports
D 5/32 Inch Ports (4MM)
F 6MM Ports
00 Manifold Block Without Valve
BB Solenoid Pilot w/ Flush Non-Locking Override
BW Differential Air Return (5th Pos. Only)
4 2-Position 4-Way
5 3-Position 4-Way, Open Center, Dual Pressure
6 3-Position 4-Way, Closed Center
A Dual 3-Way, A&B Normally Open
C Dual 3-Way, A Normally Closed / B Normally Open
D Dual 3-Way, A&B Normally Closed
P Blank Station Plate
00 Valve Unit Only
Z3 Manifold Block, Single Solenoid Output
Z4 Manifold Block, Double Solenoid Output
M Plug-In DC w/ Light
O Blank Station Plate
K Push-In Fitting
P Valve Unit Only
11B Flush Locking Override
14A External Pilot Supply
60 12 VDC
61 24 VDC
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