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ASCO NUMATICS Manifold Assembly
Part Number Selected: 
Number of Valve Stations
End Plate Port Sizes
A Single Station
B 2-Station
C 3-Station
D 4-Station
E 5-Station
F 6-Station
G 7-Station
H 8-Station
I 9-Station
J 10-Station
K 11-Station
L 12-Station
M 13-Station
N 14-Station
O 15-Station
P 16-Station
Q 17-Station
R 18-Station
S 19-Station
T 20-Station
U 21-Station
V 22-Station
W 23-Station
X 24-Station
1 1/8 Inch NPTF (or G-Tap)
2 1/4 Inch
H 8 MM
DRM Din Rail Mounting
DWM Din Rail w/ Muffler
MUF Muffler in End Plates
STD Standard
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