Easy Payment Options

At Radwell we offer many payment options to make your purchasing experience secure, easy and flexible.

Payment Cards

For questions regarding credit within the US call 800.884.5500

For questions outside the USA Please Call: +1 609.288.9393 ext. 817

Q: How do I pay by credit card and what credit cards are accepted?
A: Upon completion of your online order, you will be directed to check out via our secure website by entering your credit card information. We honor the following credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DISCOVER CARD
Q:How do I pay using PayPal?
A: Upon completion of your online order, you will be directed to check out at a secured PayPal website. Please follow the PayPal directions.
Q: How do I pay by wire transfer?
A: Contact your local financial institution and tell them you wish to wire money to the United States, Radwell International, Inc. to pay for your order. Please contact Radwell sales at 800-884-5500 for wire transfer instructions.
Q: How can I apply for credit terms in the US?
A: Complete our application online at https://www.radwell.com/en-US/CreditApplication
Q: What information is required to complete the application?
A: Complete the form in its entirety (including DBA if applicable): address, phone number, fax and Federal Identification Number (EIN). Please make sure the application is signed. If you are sales tax exempt, please include a copy of your tax exemption certificate. You will be notified if further information is required.
Q: How long does it take to get set-up for credit terms?
A: The process is typically completed in one to two days.
Q: How do I know terms have been established for my account?
A: A confirmation letter will be faxed to you stating your customer ID#, credit limit and payment terms.
Q: My company is located outside the US, how can I get credit terms?
A: Complete our application online at http://www.Radwell.com/CreditApplication
Credit Terms with international customers can be established by the following:
- When the order is placed, there needs to be a 50% deposit made.
- At the time of the shipment, the balance of the order must be paid in full.
- As we continue to do business (approximately 12 months continuum), the terms will be a 50% deposit and the balance due would be Net 30 days from the time the product is shipped from our facility. The Credit and Collection Manager will make the final determination on the length of time and US dollar amount.
Q: Is there a credit application for Spanish speaking customers?
A: Yes, for an application in Spanish please click here
Call +1 609.288.9393
E-mail us at ventas@Radwell.com.
You may return it via e-mail or fax it back to 609-288-9418 Attn: Credit and Collections.
Q: What payment options do I have for my 50% deposit?
A: Our international customers have the luxury of using the following payment options:
Wire Transfers - $30.00 fee (see sales rep. for wire instructions)
Credit Cards - No fee
PayPal - No fee
Letter Of Credit - $300.00 fee (minimum order of $10k required)

Should there be a need for further clarification of the above credit procedures, please feel free to contact us at
+1 609.288.9393 ext. 834 or 870 or email our accounting professionals at creditandcollections@Radwell.com.

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