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Parker's range of AC drives are designed to meet the needs of today's engineering challenges and provide excellence in motor speed and torque control. With drive solutions for simple control, through multi-motor process line applications and all the way up to high power grid-tied power conversion systems, Parker's drive technologies are built upon the principles of Simplicity, Reliability, Flexibility and Capability.

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AC10 Variable Speed Drive

The AC10 compact drive is one of the smallest variable speed drives available and offers a low cost, compact solution for simple AC induction motor control in applications up to 180kW. Available in IP20 and IP66 enclosures.

AC30 Variable Speed Drive

The AC30 is a modular product allowing users to select power stack, control module, IO and communications modules and accessories to perfectly match the requirements of the application, making it a highly customisable yet cost effective solution. The three interchangeable control modules provide the basis for the series: the standard AC30V control module, the AC30P module with a host of advanced connectivity options and the AC30D module which adds dual encoder system capability.

AC690+ variable frequency drive

The 690+ Series AC Drive is designed for speed control of standard 3-phase induction motors. These larger models are available in a range of ratings for constant torque and quadratic torque applications. This dual mode feature provides a cost effective solution to general industrial applications, as well as the control of pumps and fans.

AC890 variable frequency drive

The AC890 is a compact, modular systems-capable drive engineered to control speed and position of open-loop and closed-loop, single- or multi-motor AC induction or PMAC motor applications. 1 HP - 500HP

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